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Popular Misconceptions

Amongst those that have cruised before the satisfaction levels are extremely high and over 95% say they will cruise again in the future. However, when it comes to people who have never cruised before, there are a number of common misconceptions towards cruising. Hopefully, we can help to dispel some of these for you.

Cruises have a higher percentage of satisfied customers than any other holiday experience. It's no wonder that more people are taking a cruise holiday than ever before. The reality of a cruise holiday is quite the opposite to what you might think.

The popular misconceptions are exactly that, and once you experience your first cruise, it's very likely that you will wish to come back for more, again and again. Be warned it can be addictive!

How Formal are Cruises?

Not at all! If you want casual, you can simply lie back in shorts every day.

Some cruise ships, including Norwegian Cruise Lines offer relaxed and casual dining options throughout the ship, so there's no need to dress up at all. And even those cruise lines that may be perceived to be too formal, they all provide casual dining options, and only host a few formal evenings in the main dining room during the cruise duration.

And of course, for real casual, you can always order everything that's available on today's menu through room service.

Aren't Cruise Ships Too Confining?

Today's modern cruise ships are more resort like than cruise like. For example, Royal Caribbean's amazing ships offer rock-climbing walls, shop promenades about the size of two football fields with street performers, a five-story theatre and ice skating-rink. As well as many different countries and cultures to explore and activities to pursue ashore, you'll quickly realize that a cruise holiday is not confining at all. With so much to do you, the choice is entirely yours, you can do as much or as little as you want. The chances are you'll forget you're actually sailing the high seas.

Isn't Cruising Boring?

Not so. There are a wide range of exciting onboard and shore side activities.

There is spectacular night time entertainment, such as ice-skating shows, contemporary Broadway-style stage productions, nightclubs and a Vegas style Casino. Daytime can be even more exciting, with activities ranging from swimming with stingrays and kite surfing to a luxurious spa afternoon, including hot-stone massages, steam baths and facials. Whether your idea of a holiday is relaxing by the pool with a good novel or parasailing over coral reefs, you'll have lots of options on a cruise.

Aren't Cruises Expensive?

Compared to a similar rated land-based holiday you'll find a cruise is great value for money. Remember, when taking a land-based holiday, there are a lot of expenses like flights, hotels, meals, snacks, taxi cabs, and entertainment, just to name a few.

Whereas taking a cruise, offers exceptional value, one single price includes almost everything, such as meals, entertainment and onboard activities. What's more, you get the opportunity to visit many different ports of call and discover many new countries and cultures, all in one holiday.

So when you do the maths, cruising really is the best value holiday.

Are Cruises For People Like Me?

With over 50% of people cruising for the first time this year, you're not alone in thinking it's not for people like you.

Every day, more and more people are discovering the floating resort pleasures of a cruise, more singles, families, couples, honeymooners, second honeymooners and groups of friends are all setting sail for the first time.

If you like to be active, and are looking for adventure and seeking new experiences then a cruise could just be the holiday you've never had.

Will the Children be Bored?

The children's clubs are all complimentary and included in the price.

The kids cannot only be creative with arts and crafts activities, but they can actually learn about things like gravity during science experiments, meet new friends and visit lots of new countries and cultures, all in one holiday. And for the teens, there are lounges and clubs, designed just for them.

The chances are they'll be having such a great time, you might even forget they came along!