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Will I get bored? Usually it's the men who ask this question!

From sunrise to sunset and around every corner, there's something exciting for you to do onboard a cruise holiday. In many ways, your life onboard is very much what you want it to be. You can choose to do as much or as little as you wish.

If you're looking for total peace, calm and relaxation, you'll find it. If you're looking to develop new skills and entertainment you'll find that too. The fact is, most people want a bit of both and a cruise holiday will be only too happy to oblige.

There's so much choice - of food, activities, entertainment, facilities and accommodation - on a cruise, that it's very hard to sum it all up. Each cruise line and ship has its own particular personality and atmosphere, and our website has been developed to help you make the choice that is right for you.

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Onboard a Cruise Ship

Nothing's compulsory onboard a cruise ship. If you don't fancy spending the day ashore there's always more than enough to keep you occupied on and around the ship. If you prefer something a bit more strenuous then a work out in the gym, or jogging on deck could be the order of the day. Perhaps take up the challenge of a game of table tennis, deck football, basketball or volleyball, hit a few balls in the golf simulator or head off the ship on a mountain bike adventure. Whilst onboard you can pick and choose to get the balance of your holiday just right.



Gym Swimming Pool bath massage

Visit the gym and join a group aerobic class.

Chill out in the Solarium, dip in the whirlpool or visit the sauna.

Relax and enjoy a massage or aqua therapy whilst taking in the spectacular sea views.

Challenge a friend to a game of mini golf or 18 holes on the golf simulator.

Download your favourite tunes from the music library and soak up the sun around the pool.


Cruise Casinos

Las Vegas-Style Casinos

There's nothing like the excitement of spinning the roulette wheel, a winning hand at poker or the sound of cards being shuffled, chips being stacked and slot machines paying out. Try your luck in the Las Vegas-style casinos.


Cruise Excursions

Cruise Excursions

An organised shore excursion will get you up close and personal with some of the most exciting destinations in the world.

Contact Details

Full information on the range and price of the cruise lines shore excursions will be available to pre book directly on-line with your chosen cruise line before you set sail.



Cruise Photographers

Traditionally there will be photographers onboard your cruise ship. You will meet them first at embarkation when they will take a picture before you go onboard. From then on you will see them regularly at all the ship events and dinners, taking photographs of guests and possibly a video of the cruise experience.


No Need To Worry

There's no need to worry about carrying cash around with you whilst onboard your chosen cruise. Today's cruise ships operate a cash-free environment.


Cruise Bars

On Board Bars

Some guests want to sit back and be entertained whilst sipping an early evening cocktail while others want to join in on the action in a relaxed party atmosphere.

Night Bars

Two things that night owls will find most reassuring is the fact that the bars remain open and buzzing all night long.


Cruise Dining

Meals on a cruise ship are included in the price of your cruise. However, there are so many different dining choices and enticing atmospheres to experience.


Each cruise line offers a different dining experience with different names given to essentially the same things, but one thing all the cruise lines have in common is the wide choice and variety of onboard dining options and restaurants, underpinned by a service that is unsurpassed.


Cruise tips

Staff Service

Your personal staff onboard are all working extremely hard for you while you're enjoying your cruise.

Usually at your discretion, the cruise lines will provide a recommended daily amount to allow for tips and, with your permission, may often automatically add the gratuities to your shipboard account.


Inside Theatre View of Show Theatre Shows

Cruise Show-Lounges

Most of today's modern cruise ships boast theatres and show-lounges that wouldn't be out of place in London's West End or on Broadway, and the resident singers and dancers on board stage everything from classic drama to full-scale spectacular musicals complete with glittering costumes. The production will typically be shown twice a night to complement the main dining room sittings.


Cruise Shows

Bars and Night Clubs

Two things that night owls will find most reassuring is the fact that the bars and night clubs remain open and buzzing into the small hours and, if you have children, there's often a full range of night-time entertainment to keep them busy and a baby sitting service for the younger ones.


Cruise Dress Code
Cruise Formal Dress Code
One of the questions we get asked above any other is, what do I need to pack?
With modern trends towards more casual cruising, airline luggage weight restrictions and reasonably limited wardrobe space in cabins suggests that you should try and pack as light as possible. However we recognise this is a cruise and inevitably you will need more clothes than most other types of holiday to adhere to any set dress code.


Cruise Fitness & Leisure

Fitness & Leisure

Today's modern cruise ships offer all the health facilities comparable with some of the most well known land-based resort hotels.

Cruise spa

Health Spa & Beauty Treatments

As well as the more traditional services offered in the beauty salon, such as facials, hairdressing, manicures and pedicures, a typical ship spa offers a luxurious range of relaxing massage techniques and therapeutic treatment programmes, sending you home looking and feeling brand new


Cruise Facilities

Facilities and Activities

Most of today’s cruise ships are a minimum of nine decks and a maximum of sixteen decks high, often described as floating hotels or even floating resorts. Many of today’s mega ships are destinations in themselves. As well as all the usual amenities, facilities and activities you would expect to find in a land based hotel or resort, there are many other amenities and facilities that you might not expect to find.