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Accessible Cruises

Every cruise line places a high priority on providing the appropriate assistance you need. Many cruise ships use the latest technology to offer a variety of services and amenities for guests with visual, hearing or physical limitations, increasingly adapting its ships to cater for the needs of disabled passengers, with specially designed cabins and toilets, panic buttons, facilities for guide dogs and aids for the hard of hearing.

Cruising is, in many ways, an excellent option for the wheelchair-bound because it takes people to a variety of destinations without the worry of transferring baggage and checking into and out of a succession of hotels.

Above all, always take a travelling companion with you (most cruise lines will require this anyway). The ship's crew will help out as much as they can but the presence of a person who understands your specific needs will make the cruise experience much more comfortable - and a lot more fun!

Be aware that most ships only have a handful of specially adapted disabled cabins and they fill quickly, so do plan your cruise well ahead.


wheelchair access

Accessible Areas

Wheelchairs are available during embarkation and disembarkation and for emergency use only. They are not available throughout the cruise for the convenience of the guest.

Going Ashore

Shore Excursions

Many destinations and shore excursions pose no limitations for disabled guests. But unfortunately, some ports of call are only accessed via a tender boat from the ship to the shore and in certain circumstances cruising for wheelchair bound guests may be limited to exploring the port. Every effort will be made to accommodate every guest with disabilities; however, decisions will be made on board with your safety in mind.

Hearing Impaired

There have been many technological advances developed to assist cruising for the deaf or hard of hearing. Many cruise lines have made every attempt to employ them wherever and whenever possible, in many instances providing Sign Language interpreters upon request.

Public Areas

Accessible Areas

Cruise ships offer spacious public areas, corridors, elevators and toilets, and with automatic doors, ramps and gradual inclines providing accessible routes throughout the ship.

Visually Impaired

visually impaired

Cruising Experience

Cruise lines are committed to making the cruising experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible for guests who are blind or partially sighted.

Accessible Accommodation

Cabin Accommodation

Designated cabin accommodations offer many conveniences such as wider doorways and modified bathrooms with roll-in showers and grab bars. Toilets, door handles, light switches and closet rods are also accessible.

Medical Services

Fly Cruise and Stay

Medical Facilities

Every cruise ship provides professional medical staff and facilities on board to assist in the event of an emergency.

Other Services

Cruising Experience

Cruise ships can provide storage for a wheelchair, medication or oxygen, and dietary restrictions certainly pose no problem. Special airport transfers with hydraulic lifts can be arranged, and assistance boarding and disembarking the vessel is also available. Most cruise lines have special provisions for service dogs.