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World Cruise

A World Cruise - What Holiday Could Possibly Compare With One That Can Show You the World?

With a World Cruise, you can experience more destinations and cultures in one holiday than most people see in a lifetime and only unpack your suitcase just the once. Cruises can go in either direction around the world with the most popular being those that follow the UK to Australia route. There are many combinations available that take in Africa, South America, India, South East Asia, China, Japan and the Pacific. Viewed as one of life's last great travel experiences, there's something undeniably majestic about setting sail on a World cruise. The stunning sights and spectacular cities visited on round the World cruises are undoubtedly the main attraction of these incredible adventures, but the atmosphere on board can often be as unique as the journey itself. With every passing day, a feeling of relaxation and well being grows stronger. The luxurious surroundings of your ship can be savoured and the delights of life at sea discovered. Fellow passengers will soon become familiar faces and once-in-a-lifetime experiences shared together.

Special Planet Cruise World Sector Holidays Offer Legendary Exploration with a Selection of Shorter Cruise and Stay Voyages

Often visiting over 30 ports on a typical three month World voyage, a World Cruise can also be broken down into 'segments' where you'll fly to meet the ship whilst she is en-route. Imagine waking to the sun glinting off Sydney Opera House. Catching your breath as the first glimpse of Hong Kong Harbour comes into view. Taking your first steps on the Great Wall of China. Or watching shadows cast by the Golden Gate Bridge dance across the deck. Why not linger a while at these fantastic ports and stay on one our amazing value world sector cruise and stay holidays.

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19 Apr 2014, 20nts
Queen Mary 2
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06 Jan 2015, 25nts
inside  £2,759
outside £2,959
balcony £3,709
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30 Jan 2015, 22nts
inside  £3,139
outside £3,339
balcony £3,939
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Oceania Cruises
02 Nov 2014, 27nts
inside  £4,499
outside £4,799
balcony £5,999
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06 Jan 2015, 46nts
inside  £4,979
outside £5,379
balcony £6,729
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